I miss Dr. Boardman

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Woke up, got around and ready to go, and left Maryrose and Trish lounging in their bed.  At the PC office I deposited elephants in Kelly’s and Emily’s mail cubbies and had time to check my e-mail and Facebook one last time before Julian and I headed to the eye doctor.  At least this eye doctor seemed to have more of a clue of what was going on, but even he wasn’t entirely helpful.  He said I had some scratches on my left eye (though at first he called them scars and couldn’t tell how old they were without dying my eye yellow and looking at it again) and gave me some antibiotic drops to use to make sure I didn’t get an infection.  He also told me to use liquid tears constantly, as many times a day as I thought of it.  Alright, now we might be getting somewhere.  But it was still disconcerting that he could help my vision with a different/stronger prescription.  He checked my eyes for astigmatism but said that wasn’t it.  Try as he might, no matter what lenses he put in the funny-looking, bulky specs, I still couldn’t read the small letter projected on the far wall.  So I don’t know if that means he’s nearly as stupid as the first lady I went to see about this problem or if there’s something else wrong with my eyes.

We had just finished the whole process and he was telling me about how I should use the drops when I started to not feel so good.  This episode turned out to be worse than the last and I was incredibly nauseous, light-headed, unable to hear as if someone had shoved a bunch of cotton in my ears or dunked my head under water, I was sweating like crazy even though the doctor said I felt cool to the touch, and while the chair I was sitting in was comfortable and I was able to lean back and close my eyes, I still wanted to be lying on the floor.  I was able to tell them I felt nauseous as that sensation began to get worse, and I ended up puking into the waste basket.  After that I began to start feeling better and knew I was okay; the worst was over.  But too late.  They were already bringing in a wheel chair and started hauling me off to the ER.  Luckily we were stopped at the elevator and I convinced Julian and the hospital nurse wheeling me around that I was fine and would not go to the ER nor continue to be in the wheelchair.  So I got up and walked back to the eye doctor’s office.  He told me I really should stop in the ER on my way out so they could check me out and make sure I was really ok and I told him I’d consider it – though he and I both knew I had absolutely no intention of following through with this plan.  So I got an appointment to come back Friday late morning and Julian and I could finally leave.  But first she called Cr. Elite and told him about my little episode.  He then ordered me to go back to the PC office and be monitored/watched for the next 2 hours.  Thanks, but no thanks.  Turns out I didn’t have a choice since the eye drops I needed were at the office.  By the time our driver finally picked us up from the hospital and we got back to the PC office, a good hour-an-a-half of Dr. Elite’s ordered time frame had passed.  (We could have taken public transportation or even walked back to the office much quicker, but Julian said we couldn’t do that and had to wait for our PC vehicle to pick us up.)  So Julian just insisted on taking my blood pressure first and then I was free to go.  But turns out taking my BP was easier said than done.  What nurse doesn’t even know how to take someone’s BP?!  She first put the cuff on inside out, then when it was finally on correctly left it tight for a solid minute when it should have taken about 10 seconds.  But then I was finally allowed to leave. 

I got a ride to my mujyi then walked to Nyabugogo to catch a bus to Kim’s.  Once at Kim’s she gave me a tour of the hospital before we headed home to cook some vegetables followed by a little Easy Mac and popcorn while watching “The Proposal.”  So at least the day had a happy ending.


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