Christmas at the beach

Saturday, December 25, 2010


It’s Christmas!  Though it does not feel like it.  It took a bit in the morning before I realized what today was and to wish Portia a merry Christmas.  For breakfast she had tea and I had igikoma, though the igikoma she bought in Gisenyi is definitely inferior to our mixture in Kayove.  I think she had too much maize flour in her mix.  This breakfast wasn’t quite the same as a full spread of eggs (choice of scrambled or sunny-side), toast, home fries, bacon, sausage, coffee, milk, and orange juice or maybe even including pinch cake, but oh well.  We then lounged a bit before getting ready to go to the beach since Gillian wasn’t due in until 2ish.  So we went to the Serena (the expensive muzungu hotel where Evangeline Lilly stays when she visits Rwanda) and read, sunned, swan, and I showered before she arrived and we headed up to town to fetch her from the bus stop.

We went back to Portia’s so Gillian could drop her stuff off and relax for a few minutes but then we were headed back to the beach.  It soon looked and sounded like rain so we quickly retreated to the Serena’s patio where we could have seats outside but a roof over our heads.  Rain it did and it made the air rather chilly.  We ended up eating dinner at the Serena then heading back home to watch “Pirate Radio” before bed and also each chatting with our families in the States and wishing them all a Merry Christmas.

So basically as long as I didn’t remind myself it was Christmas it was a decent day.  Earlier in the week there had been hail and Trude texted me saying it was the closest thing we’d get to a white Christmas here.  Forget the snow, I was missing being surrounded by my family and home-cooked American food.


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